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Ridge cap roll forming machine
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Ridge cap is a typical representative of flashings.
It is an important component in the construction of the roof and occupies a dominant position.
In addition to the decoration function, it also has two main functions:

  • Protection from leaking, ingression of rain or melt water into the under-roof space.
  • Provision of the necessary clearance for ventilation of the under-roof space, so that the vapor can be led out of the elements of the roofing pie and insulation is dried up.

Ridge cap roll forming machine is integral part of the ridge cap roll forming line.
Group of companies «Rusсana Engineering» offers for your consideration Ridge cap roll forming line.

Raw material requirements

Light-gauge galvanized steel with polymer coating: polyester, plastisol
Zinc coating to range 100…275 g/m²
Yield strength 280…350 N/mm²

Coil thickness 0,5 mm
Coil width

416,5 mm±1 mm

312,5 mm±1 mm
General characteristics
Line operating mode semiautomatic/automatic
Installed power capacity, no more than 9 kW
Roll forming speed, no more than 20 m/min 
Supply voltage at frequency of 50 Hz ± 0.4Hz 380 V

Dimensions (LxWxH), no more than

11400х2300х1500 mm
Weight, no more than 2900 kg
Required operation personnel 1-2 persons
Line configuration
1. Decoiler
2. Roll forming section
3. Hydraulic guillotine
4. Roller base receiving table (Single roller on three-point structure, 4 pcs.)

5. Automatic Control System (ACS)

Item Description

Hydraulic mandrel expansion.

Is used for decoiler and intendant for coil reliable fixation on the decoiler’s shaft.

On and Off is done with the button.
Receiving table roller.

Is intendant for receiving ready product.

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